Bonjour and welcome!

​My name is Urszula and I have been running my business for 4 years,

which gave me the chance to look after my little boy, on and off, until he went full time to school.

I have been working within the interior design, food, art and fashion industries for many years.

I strongly believe that my passion and dedication for those industries help me to give you the best of the best.

I do not define myself as a "typical" agency as I offer an intricate panel of services:

from styling services, photography, social media, websites set up and management, SEO, blogging etc.  

I am disruptive in a positive way!

I ask questions that - sometimes - you do not think about or fear to hear but need to... But which will help your company

to increase the engagement with your target audience. This is my promise to you when you hire me.



So if you're looking for the marketeer and photographer who can help you with the story you want to tell ,

go on and get in touch with me!

A bientot, Urszula