​I offer products and interior styling as well as styled product and lifestyle photography

for independent brands, interior designers, bloggers, dreamers, craftsmen and women, shops, individuals.


Whether you're looking for a stylist to help you with your next catalog or a photographer for simple shots of

your new collections or for your website/social media, well, here I am and hopefully I can help you today! :-)

When setting up Disruptive Agency a few years back now, I had in mind to offer the right options to my customers:

I decided to apply full day or half day rates only, in order to be more flexible.

My capacity of adaptation goes as far as mixing types of photography on-site or off-site:

i.e shooting for 2 hours products then finish the day with shots of the house/interiors..

This is also why I do not consider my agency as a "standard one" which would be working for the day only

on one type of styling/shooting and charging per picture, depending on how the images are used afterwards (leaflets only or website etc)

One of my major strengths is the styling

and shooting I am doing off-site (either at home or in one of my secret locations ie warehouses etc)

My basic rates are:

- £299 per day

- £179 for half a day

Photographs fees come on top of the daily or half day rates. Count around £50 for up to 10 pictures.

(Note: there is no VAT charged as I am a registered sole trader business in the UK)

I am usually happy to see you using my pictures on websites, social media and promotional tools, as far as you mention my company.


Copyright remains with me.

Shots of products done remotely are also priced upon demand.

Book an initial complimentary meeting with me to discuss next steps or drop me a line via the contact form