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Some of my past and present clients along with scope of work

Townsend Leather - UK Sales Development
Jo Littlefair London  - Brand strategy, customers' analysis, benchmark and various analysis of JLL accessories and furniture
Mari Ianiq  - Brand strategy, benchmark, website definition and various consultancy work
Roberta Licini - Brand strategy, benchmark, social media, photography

Fifi de Lussac - Website management with WIX, words, brand strategy, social media, blog
Lis & Sons  - UK Sales Development
Manoteca - UK Sales Development
Manifattura di Domodossola - Introduction to UK market

OXILLA™ - Introduction to UK market
Ata Tessuti -  Introduction to UK market, social media, photography
Art Hide - Introduction to UK market, UK sales, press coverage (including insert for The Evening Standard), approval for Decorex exhibition.

Colourful Bites - Photography and styling, website, re-wording, sales & marketing, communication & PR, blog

Grey Soft Furnishings - Photography & Styling

Val & Lili - Translation Polish > English

Fifi de Lyon - Website management, words, brand strategy, benchmark, social media, photography, blog